How do I sign up?

There are two different ways you can create an Oberlo account. You can install the Oberlo app directly from Shopify’s App Store, or create a stand-alone Oberlo account from our home page.

In this article you’ll learn:

How to get Oberlo from Shopify’s App Store:

Simply click HERE and you’ll be redirected to Oberlo’s install page on Shopify App Store. Then, click on the ‘Get’ button and follow the instructions to install Oberlo’s App onto your Shopify store!

When the installation process is completed, go to your Oberlo ‘Profile’ settings, add your email address (if needed), and set up your Oberlo account password. Don’t forget to save any changes!

After these steps, your Oberlo account is ready! Now you can set up your pricing rules and start importing products to your Shopify store!

How to create a stand-alone Oberlo account:

You can also access Oberlo by creating a stand-alone account. You can register for a stand-alone account on our main page.

After filling out a short sign-up form, you’ll be redirected to your account’s main page, where you can have a sneak peak of Oberlo’s main features. Get more familiar with Oberlo’s app by having a look at some of the products that we offer on our Supply system. You can use all of them for your dropshipping business — you just need to import them into your store!

How to connect Oberlo account to your Shopify store:

To take advantage of Oberlo App, you need a Shopify store — it’s essential for storing imported products and managing orders. You can connect your Shopify store to Oberlo from our Settings Page — select the ‘Connected Shops’ tab and click on ‘Connect A Shop’.The ‘Connect A Shop’ pop-up window allows you to connect your existing Shopify store to Oberlo, or create a new one:

Note: Once you connect Oberlo to a Shopify Store, you won't be able to switch to another one. It means that only one Oberlo account is available per Shopify Store. 

Once you’ve entered your Shopify store's URL, you’ll be redirected to your Shopify store and asked to install Oberlo:

When the installation process is completed, you’re ready to start importing products and building your dropshipping venture!

IMPORTANT: When Oberlo is added to your Shopify account, make sure you select “Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items” in Shopify’s Checkout settings. You need to choose manual fulfillment in your Shopify settings because the fulfillment processes would be overridden by Oberlo App. When an order is fulfilled in Oberlo, the order status is automatically changed from ‘Unfulfilled’ to ‘Fulfilled’ in your Shopify store.  

Why I can’t connect my Oberlo account to a Shopify store:

If you try to connect your Oberlo account to a Shopify store you may receive the notification “This shop is already assigned to Oberlo”, which indicates that there is already an Oberlo account assigned to your Shopify account.

If this is the case, you’ll need to use the Oberlo account, which is already connected to your Shopify store. You can access this Oberlo account easily through Shopify’s Apps page — no login details are needed.

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