Exporting Products/Orders

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Exporting products from Shopify

You can export your products list into a CSV file in Shopify:

1. Go to your Shopify products page.

2. Click on the "Export" button.

3. Select preferred options and click on the "Export products" button.

Importing products to Shopify

Shopify also lets you import the product list from a CSV file. However, products imported this way will not by synced with Oberlo. Oberlo recognizes only the orders of products imported using Oberlo. If the order doesn't contain any items imported with Oberlo then those orders will simply not show up in Oberlo. That is why we do not recommend using this option.

Exporting orders from Oberlo

You can export your orders list into a CSV or XLS file in Oberlo:

Note: Make sure you set your credentials in Oberlo because the exported orders list will be sent to a designated email address: 

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