What is Oberlo Supply and how it works?

Oberlo Supply is a marketplace where you can find a wide variety of products from carefully selected suppliers who provide a fully automatic order fulfillment service.


In order to use Oberlo Supply first, you need to assign your credit card to your Oberlo account for in-app payments for orders. You can do that in Oberlo > Settings > Suppliers tab: 

Then, go to 'Oberlo Supply' page directly from Oberlo navigation panel:

and visit any vendor's Store by simply clicking " Preview Products" button: 

Note: You can use the search field to filter out products from specific categories, by their shipping price to the desired country or by a pre-defined price range (from the "Advanced" section)

Once you find a product you like,  press "Add to import list" and it will be transferred to your Import list.

Also, if you wish to know more about the product, click on it and you'll be redirected to its listing page:

Here you'll be able to see the order processing time, product's variants, description, similar products and more useful information.

Next, go to your Import list, and customize the product the way you like. When ready, click 'Push to Shop',  and it will publish in your Shopify Store.

Once you receive an order for the product in Oberlo, just click "Order product." And you will be asked to confirm the payment for the order: 

Everything else will get done automatically: our system will pass your order to the Supplier, and fulfill it for you. You will be able to check your order status directly from your Orders page in Oberlo.

Note: Oberlo is not responsible for deliveries or packaging for Supply products either. It's simply a tool to enable the fully automated dropshipping solution and it's your responsibility to pick the right products.

If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello@oberlo.com!

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