What is Oberlo Chrome Extension? How can I use it?

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What is Oberlo Chrome Extension?

Oberlo Chrome Extension is an automation tool that helps you run dropshipping business more efficiently.

It includes many useful features:

  • Adding products to your "Import List" directly from the Aliexpress.com product page
  • Placing orders on Aliexpress.com with an automatically filled in checkout form
  • Sorting out products with the ePacket delivery option
  • Import order details to Oberlo in bulk from the AliExpress.com Order page


Installing Oberlo Chrome Extension

To install Oberlo Chrome Extension, simply go to THIS link and click on 'Add to Chrome' button:

After you confirm your request to add the extension to Chrome browser, it will change it’s status to ' Added to Chrome':

Note: Oberlo Chrome Extension is only compatible with Google Chrome Browser running on Windows or MacOS operating systems. It doesn’t support devices that run on Android or iOS operating systems.

To check if Oberlo Extension is working properly, go to any product category in  AliExpress.com and check if it’s icon turns blue:

Note: You can only import products from product categories, specific product page or Wishlist in AliExpress. It will not work in vendor shops.

Oberlo Chrome Extension features

Importing productsplacing and fulfilling orders using Oberlo Chrome Extension is already explained in other Help Center articles, therefore, this section will cover only the product sorting feature in AliExpress.

Once you’re at the product category page in AliExpress, press on the blue Extension icon and additional option panel will open:

From this panel, you will be able to sort products in categories by these parameters:

Option – lets you choose the shipping method. For example, if you are selling to the US market, it is popular to use faster ePacket shipping method.

Country – lets you specify the country you are shipping the product to. Useful when you want to check if certain shipping method is available in your desirable country.

Currency – available in EUR, GBP, and USD. Let’s you check the product shipping option’s price:

Additionally, you can hide products that do not have your chosen shipping options or see the processing time.

Note: Processing time is a period of time within which the seller receives, processes, collects and passes the order to the parcel shipment. Typically, only then you get the tracking code to track parcels. The processing time is usually set between 3 to 10 days.

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