Connected Shops

You can access  Oberlo  settings by using the ‘Gear’ button on the bottom left corner of your  Oberlo  dashboard.


From the  Oberlo  settings  menu,  you will be able to manage various settings which will be discussed in more detail below.

In this article:

Connected shops

This tab is opened by default when you go to  Oberlo’s  Settings page. Here you will see your Connected shops.

From the ‘Shop settings’ menu, you will be able to access General and Auto-updates settings.


General settings

Store name – for internal use only

Set new products as published – select this setting if you want your products to go ‘live’  to be visible  to your customers;

Set products as taxable – useful if you charge additional tax when you sell products.

Set unit of measurement for product weight – allows you to change the weight of every product you import to your store.  It’s  useful when you set a shipping rate that depends on product weight.

Custom shipping tracking URL – a link will be added to the shipping confirmation notification email sent to your customer.

We recommend using this URL: It will automatically grab the tracking code and your customer will be redirected to this tracking service provider.

Notify customer about the order fulfillment – when you fulfill an order using the  Oberlo  Chrome Extension, it will automatically trigger a fulfillment notification email to your customer.

Note: If you fulfill an order manually, this setting will not automatically trigger the notification. You will have to manually check the option box from the pop-up menu.

Disable Shopify login – This is useful if you share your Shopify account with someone you don’t want to have access to your  Oberlo  account. This setting will prevent users from automatically accessing  Oberlo  and will lead them to the login screen of  Oberlo .

Auto updates settings

These settings allow you to choose what to do when a product or its variant disappears or when the price and stock changes:



When a product disappears – when a product is no longer available on you can make sure that customers are not able to continue placing orders for the product.

‘Unpublish product’ will simply remove the product from your Store and it won’t be visible.

Set Quantity To Zero’ makes your product ‘Out of stock’ and while your customers will be able to see it, they won’t be able to order it.

The ‘ Do Nothing’ setting is self-explanatory and doesn’t change anything if the product is gone from

When a variant disappears – sometimes suppliers run out of stock for some product variants. In such cases, this setting helps you avoid unwanted orders;

‘Remove variant’ – will simply remove the variant from the product page in your store. It will not be visible to your customers.

Set Quantity To Zero’ – makes your product ‘Out of Stock’ – same as previously mentioned.

‘Do Nothing’ – same as mentioned previously.

When the cost changes – updates your product prices in accordance to your supplier’s pricing. It is a very useful setting that allows you to automatically adjust your prices.

Note: Auto updates usually take place once a day. Therefore, sometimes slight delays may occur. If urgent, change prices and stock manually.

When inventory changes – updates your product inventory automatically.  It is useful if you wish to keep track of your supplier’s stock.

The Notify Me checkbox allows you to receive notifications when one of the previously mentioned events occur. You can check your notifications from the toolbar menu on the left side of your  Oberlo  app.

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