How long does the delivery take?

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Free delivery - Free China Post Standard

While every product has different shipping options, most of the sellers offer free China Post Standard delivery.

With this option, it usually takes around 30-45 days to receive an order regardless of where you are in the world. 

Note, that parcels sent via free China Post Standard delivery don’t have tracking codes. We would recommend using China Post Registered delivery method as it provides you with the tracking numbers.

Paid express delivery - ePacket

However, some sellers also offer a free or low-cost express delivery which is called ePacket. It works in certain countries only. For example, the US, Canada, and the UK may have ePacket options and it usually takes around 15-25 days.

Note: some suppliers may charge for ePacket delivery.

Other delivery options

Usually, there are other shipping options like DHL, UPS, and FedEx as well, but in most cases, they cost much more than the product itself. You can check them out by clicking a small arrow next to the shipping information in Oberlo or in a separate delivery tab in the product’s description on

In addition to this, there are some suppliers on, who provide domestic delivery for countries such as the USA, UK or others. Domestic delivery means that an ordered product is sent from a warehouse located in the same country and have an estimated delivery time of 4-15 days. For example, if you are interested in products, which can be shipped from the USA to a customer in the USA, you can filter them on AliExpress product results page. Firstly, enter a keyword-product in the search you are looking for. Secondly, select the USA in 'Ship to' filter and then select the USA in 'Ship from' filter.

You can find more information on your supplier’s offered shipping methods in Oberlo just below the product’s price or in a separate delivery tab in the product’s description on

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