Why can’t I access my Oberlo application?

If your Oberlo account is connected to a Shopify store, you can simply enter your Oberlo application without filling in login details through Shopify Admin > Apps page.

Shopify Apps.png

Once you do this, we highly recommend going to your account and changing the password.

Oberlo Profile.png

If you can’t access your Oberlo application because it doesn’t load properly, or quits unexpectedly while logging on- it may be caused by having disabled third-party cookies on your browser.

To enable third-party cookies on your browser, please follow these instructions:

Chrome browser:

To enable third-party cookies on your Chrome browser,  go to Preferences, click to see advanced settings and open Content settings. Make sure you have disabled the ‘Block third-party cookies’ option.

Firefox browser:

You can enable third-party cookies in the Preferences window. In order to access it, simply click on the menu button and choose Preferences. Go to the privacy panel and set Firefox to use custom settings for history. Finally, click Accept third-party cookies to always.

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