Cancelling orders

Using the Oberlo application, you can import and sell items that can be found on the website or the Oberlo Supply Marketplace. The icon next to the order indicates which supplier the item is from. Therefore, Order #1057 below contains an item from Oberlo Supply and Order #1056 below contains a product from AliExpress.

If your customer changes their mind and wants to cancel an order, you need to cancel the placed order from your supplier first and ask for a refund. Then, you should cancel your order on the Shopify platform and issue a refund to your customer.

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How can I cancel an order on AliExpress

If you have placed a wrong order or have a paid order which you want to cancel just go to your ‘My Orders’ page, find that order and click on ‘Cancel Order’ button.

Note, you can cancel your paid order before the supplier ships it.

You will then have to request order cancellation

If an agreement is reached, the supplier will not ship the order and the transaction will be canceled automatically.

How to cancel an Oberlo Supply order

You can cancel an order containing an Oberlo Supply item directly on the Oberlo app > Orders page. Simply click “...” next to the order and then “Cancel Order”.

In the pop-up window, confirm the cancellation by clicking on the  “Cancel Order” button.

If you have cancelled the order successfully, you will see that the status of the order changes from “Order Placed” to “Cancelled”.

You will also receive an email notification regarding your cancelled order.

If the supplier has already shipped the item, you can send an application asking for a refund. Simply click “...” next to the order and then “Ask for a Refund”.

In the pop-up window, select a reason why you want a refund, add an additional note to the supplier, and select products you want to be refunded. Confirm your request by clicking the blue “Ask to refund $x.xx” button.

Once you do this, you will see a red exclamation mark next to your order. The supplier will review your request and approve or decline it in a few days.

How can I cancel an order on Shopify

If you cancel an order, in whole or in part, then the details about what was restocked and refunded will be stored in the order's Timeline.

If you want to cancel an order, go to your Shopify Admin and click "Orders".

On the Orders page, click the order number that you want to cancel.

Then, click on the "More actions" button and select "Cancel order".

Select the reason for cancellation from the drop-down menu. By default, a full refund will be issued. If you want to issue a partial refund, then use the product quantity boxes, the shipping field, or the refund total field to edit the refund amount.

If you don't want the refunded items to be restocked in your inventory, then uncheck the restock items checkbox.

If you don't want to send a notification email to the customer, then uncheck the notification checkbox. Finally, click the purple "Cancel Order" button.

If you partially refunded the customer while canceling the order, then you can return to this order and issue additional partial refunds.

If there was a discount code applied to this order, Shopify is able to refund more than the customer paid you. Choose the amount to refund carefully. Refunds can not be reversed.

Note. Using this feature will also automatically dispute your Shopify transaction fees. If the order was placed within your current billing cycle, the fees will be removed from your upcoming invoice. If they were on a previous billing cycle, you will be issued transaction fee credit on your next invoice.

AliExpress cancelling orders issue solution

AliExpress cancels orders if they think the orders are fake. AliExpress does not know you are dropshipping, therefore, shipping orders to customers in different locations can be a red flag, which means the order could be cancelled automatically.

Our recommended approach for ensuring this doesn't happen is to pay for your orders in bulk. You can pay for up to 80 orders at one time by following the steps below.

Start by placing an order through Oberlo as usual and wait until the Oberlo Chrome Extension completes the job on website.

Order product.png

On the checkout page, choose "Other Payment Methods" and click on the orange "Confirm & Pay" button.

Other payment methods.png

On the payment page, click "Cancel payment and return to AliExpress".

Cancel payment.png

By doing this, you will create unpaid orders, which can be seen in the "Awaiting payment" section. From there, you will be able to click on the "Pay for all orders" button.

Pay for all orders.png

You will be redirected to the AliExpress AliPay page, where you need to fill in your credit card details and click on “Save & Pay” button.

Save n pay.png

We highly recommend having a look at  this article to learn how to handle closed orders. It provides a lot of information about this topic.

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