Missing orders (Why can’t I see my orders on Oberlo?)

If you receive an order and it doesn’t show up on Oberlo there are several common reasons why your orders aren't showing up there.

One of the most frequent reasons is that the order doesn't contain any items imported with Oberlo. Have you duplicated the products or added additional variants on Shopify? If you add a new product variant as “a free gift”, Oberlo couldn’t recognize it. In addition, if you delete all of the available variants, Oberlo also wouldn’t be able to sync this product (Oberlo does not know which variant you are selling). Finally, take note that if you import/export products via CSV file on Shopify, they don’t sync with Oberlo.

Often, orders are fulfilled automatically on Shopify. Then, Oberlo’s My Orders page filters out fulfilled orders by default. You can adjust your search filters to show fulfilled orders as well.

Also, you should be sure that the order is marked as paid. Oberlo shows only those orders that are authorized, and the payment is received. Some store owners capture payments manually (instead of automatically by default).

If none of the above apply, as a quick fix, you can try adding something to the "Notes" section in your order in Shopify, here: 

When you enter anything, click save and check if the order comes through to Oberlo. It should trigger an update.

If you're unable to locate the problem and the fix doesn't help, you should contact our Customer Success Team and send a screenshot of your order on Shopify orders pages. Product and order number should be visible.

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