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How do I order Oberlo Supply products?


Once you receive an order for the product in Oberlo, go to Oberlo > My orders and click ' Order product'. You’ll then be asked to choose the preferred shipping method and confirm the payment for the order:

After you place the order, everything else will be done automatically. Our system will pass your order to the Supplier, and they will fulfill it for you. You’ll be able to check your order status directly from the ‘ My Orders’ page in Oberlo.

Note: Oberlo Supply system is fully automated and your order status will change automatically! Also, you don't need to have Oberlo Chrome Extension installed to process orders through our app.

For more information about Oberlo Supply, check out this article.

How do bulk order Oberlo Supply products?


You can quickly order your Oberlo Supply products by using the bulk-ordering feature.

The total amount of orders which contain Oberlo Supply products will be shown at the top of the ‘My Orders’ page:

Note:  If an order cannot be fulfilled (e.g. a product is out of stock), it will not be added to the bulk order list, and you’ll need to fulfill it separately.

Use the " Order All" button to initiate the order processing page. From here you’ll be able to remove orders which you’d like to process individually, or choose your preferred shipping method:

Take note that: 

  • The bulk-ordering feature only allows you to process products from Oberlo Supply.
  • If an order contains products from different suppliers then you can only remove individual supplier products. If the same supplier has 2 products and one is out of stock, then you'd need to remove all the products from that supplier.
  • Oberlo will automatically select the fastest shipping method for you. If you’d prefer to use another one you can easily change it.
  • If you decide to cancel some orders that were placed in bulk, it might take some time as payment for placed orders has to be cleared first. 

Once you’re ready, press " Proceed to payment" and you’ll be asked to enter your payment card details. If you’ve already saved your details in Oberlo’s settings then just  confirm and pay for all orders:

That's it! Everything else will be done automatically! 

Note: If you have a lot of orders then you might need to wait until all orders are processed for bulk ordering before you can take any further action.

How do I order AliExpress products using Oberlo?

After you receive an order containing products imported using Oberlo, you have to then order those products on AliExpress.com

Please note that you need to install the free Chrome Extension to use the full potential of Oberlo and order products efficiently: INSTALL
  1. Go to Oberlo > My Orders and click 'Order Product' or 'Order All Products' if the order contains multiple items.
  2. Then Oberlo will automatically redirect you to AliExpress.com and create an order for you. It will automatically select a product variant, add it to your cart, and fill in your customer’s delivery information in the checkout. 
  3. You only need to confirm that order on AliExpress and the product(s) will be ordered.
Please note, it’s better to login to AliExpress.com in another tab before ordering products. This way the automation process won’t be disturbed. Your AliExpress cart should also be empty before making a new order. 


Where can I find my orders?

All orders containing products imported using Oberlo can be found in Oberlo's My Orders page. 
Please note that the My Orders page shows only unfulfilled orders by default, so you may need to adjust your search filter. 
They can also be found among all other orders in your Shopify Orders page ( Shopify Docs).

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