Can I customize or change products? If so, how?

All products imported with Oberlo are fully customizable. You can change product descriptions, titles, prices, SKU numbers and so on.

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Customizing products before importing them to your store:

Product customization is managed in the Oberlo 'Import List' page. There, you can set product category, update product title, description, tags, variants titles, adjust the prices, select which images you want to import, and more. 


Note: Products are added to your 'Import List' from the Oberlo Search Products page. You first need to add them to your 'Import List' and only then publish them to your shop.

After the products are imported:

You can then customize or change the product information in the Shopify Products page, as you would usually do.

Just make sure you don’t add any new variants or duplicate the products, because Oberlo won’t recognize them.

Here are the Shopify instructions: PRODUCTS

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