I already sell AliExpress.com products. How can I connect them with Oberlo?


If you are selling AliExpress products on your shop already, but want to connect them to Oberlo - you can do it by using the  Override feature. 
The Override feature can also be used for changing the supplier for your current products in Oberlo. 
  1. First, find and import the AliExpress product into your Import List - How to import products?
  2. Go to the Import List click Action button > Select Product to Override and select the product you would like to connect to Oberlo.
  3. You can select additional options to change your existing product title, description, and/or images.
  4. Once finished, click 'Push and Override' to finish the process.
In this case, Oberlo only replaces your existing product variants. It does not delete the product, which means that your product ID, product URL, and product statistics remain the same.

Note: We will not be able to import orders of existing items that were made prior to the override.

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