How do I import products?

There are several different ways to import products in Oberlo. You can import products - within the app or straight from the catalog.


In this article:

Import products via Oberlo Supply system

1. First, you will need to go to Oberlo Supply tab here:

2. Type in the name of the product in the search field or enter the Supplier's Store and explore his products: 

3. After you find the product you want to import, click on  Add to Import List from Supplier's Store or directly from the product page:

Note: Oberlo Supply system products are not linked with AliExpress. Therefore, when you click on a product name in Import list page, you will be directed to the original product page in Oberlo Supply system.

An Oberlo icon indicates that the product was imported from Oberlo Supply system.

Import products via In-app product search

  1. First, you will need to go to the Manage Products tab. It is where you'll find the in-app product search option. It will allow you to search for and import products without leaving Oberlo. 
  2. Type in the name of the product.
  3. After you find the product you want to import, click Add to Import List.

Import products directly from AliExpress

  1. First, make sure to install our free Chrome Extension to be able to use this importing method. Here’s the installation link: INSTALL
  2. Go to and search for products. 
  3. Find the listing you want to import to your store. Click on the blue circle with the tag and arrow that is on the right side of the product box.
  4. Note: Make sure that you have the Oberlo application opened in the next browser tab when importing from AliExpress.

Publishing products to the shop

  1. Go back to the Oberlo app and you will find all of the products in the 'Import List'. 

  2. From here you can further customize the product. You can change the product’s title and description, choose which variants of this product to import and assign pictures.
  3. When your product is customized - click on the green 'Push to Shop' button.

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