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Are there any customs imposed, and who pays for them?

Our experience is that, in most cases, there are no additional import costs imposed on your customer. Most of the packages are of low value and are often marked as gifts.  

However, you can’t guarantee that it will not happen. Thus, we suggest adding a small note on your website FAQs page or on your order confirmation email informing your customers about your customs policy.

My customer didn’t receive his/her order. What should I do?

Please note that Oberlo is not associated with and you should follow their Buyers Protection Policy.

We suggest contacting your seller first by going to your My Orders page, opening that particular order and writing a private message to the sellers. The sellers are usually very responsive and proactively offer various solutions, e.g. order re-shipment, etc.

If you don’t receive a quick response, we suggest filing a dispute on by following these Buyers Protection instructions:   INSTRUCTIONS

What is ePacket delivery?

ePacket is a free delivery option that is much faster than the  popular free China Post delivery option offered by most sellers.

With an ePacket delivery, it takes up to 15 days for the customer to receive his order in comparison to 30-45 days using China Post delivery option.

However, ePacket is only available to a select number of countries.

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