How can I track my orders?

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Tracking Code Statuses

  1. Unrecognized:
  2. If you're getting this notification, it means that either your supplier has provided you with a broken tracking code or the tracking code is faulty (doesn't exist at all) I would recommend you to reach out to your supplier and ask what might be the issue with this tracking number.

  3. Not Found:
  4. Not found - ePacket tracking number issue may happen if your order was just processed and left the warehouse hours or just a day ago. It takes up to 5-7 days for the tracking number to start showing any information. It will appear eventually just be patient. 

Tracking orders in  Oberlo ?

You can track order's whereabouts in  Oberlo  orders page

Note: An order’s shipment tracking is only available on Basic and Pro plans. This feature is not included in the Starter plan.

Where can I find Shipping tracking codes?

You can find shipping tracking numbers on AliExpress. Just go to AliExpress > My orders > Click on View Details and you can find tracking code there

Free China Post Shipping doesn’t include tracking numbers, hence your orders can’t be tracked. This also increases the chances of orders getting lost on rare occasions.

Learn how tracking numbers can be assigned to orders on your  Oberlo  orders page CLICK HERE

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