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Set up & manage shipping options in Oberlo to serve your customers in your country and worldwide.

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Oberlo does not import shipping options

Please note that Oberlo does not import product shipping options from AliExpress. You have to set your shipping rates in your Shopify settings page.

How to set up shipping rates on Shopify

Here are detailed instructions on how to set Shopify shipping rates:

First, you will have to go to Shopify > Settings > Shipping. In the 'Zones and rates' section, you then have to click the 'Add shipping zone' button. 

If you're going to use the ePacket delivery method, we recommend you check the shipping price indicated by a few different suppliers and reflect it in your shipping settings. Note, that ePacket is available to certain countries only (i.e., US, Canada, and the UK). 

Here's a link to full guide on how to set your Shipping rates on Shopify -  CLICK HERE

Otherwise, we suggest starting with a free delivery option on Shopify and importing only the products that can be shipped using free delivery on

Should I be using the ePacket delivery method?

We highly recommend using the ePacket delivery option. The most popular shipping method used by many drop-shipping stores is ePacket. It is a relatively affordable, and sometimes free, and is known for offering the fastest delivery (12-25 days on average). In addition, ePacket provides you with a tracking number which reduces the risk of items getting lost as you can always check their whereabouts.

How to find ePacket on AliExpress: 

How to find ePacket on Oberlo:

Our chrome extension allows you to set an  ePacket as a default shipping method. It can be done in Oberlo > Settings > Suppliers page. 

If you set the default shipping method to ePacket we will pick it each time during the checkout process automatically. If, however, ePacket is not available we will select a free shipping method by default. 

Shipping worldwide?

If you’re planning on shipping worldwide you can either offer free shipping or add different delivery options for each country/region. Note, that ePacket is currently not available for every country which means that you should check if the country of your choice has an ePacket option. If not, you should use the free China post (free and not trackable) or Registered China Mail ($ 1-3 and can be tracked) but both have long delivery times.

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