Pricing FAQ

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What is the cost of my products? (Cost Of Goods Sold - COGS)

Your product cost is the original price (+ shipping costs).

Your retail price is the original price multiplied by the Price Multiplier (which can be set in your Oberlo settings page).

How can I set my product price to zero?

Just set your Price Multiplier to “0” in your Oberlo settings page.

Oberlo multiplies the original price by the number you set in the Price Multiplier field.For example, if you set the price multiplier to 0, and import the product that costs $10.00 on, Oberlo will set your retail price at $10.00 * 0 = $0.00.

Please note that the Price Multiplier doesn’t automatically update the prices of previously imported products. It works only with the products that are yet to be added to your ‘Import List.’

How often product prices and stock is updated?

Auto updates usually take place once a day. 

Therefore, however, sometimes slight delays may occur. If it is urgent, change prices manually.

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