How can I manage my prices manually?

The Product prices in your Store can be managed manually as well. This article will cover changing prices for only a particular array of products, or all your Store products.

In this article:

Setting prices manually for individual products:

If you have already ‘pushed’ the product to your store, you will have to change its price directly in your Shopify settings.

Note: If you import a new product from AliExpress, you can change its price in Oberlo from the Product import list > Variants tab

Go to Shopify > Products and enter a specific product page. 

From the product page, variants tab, you will be able to change prices.

When you’ve entered the new price, don’t forget to save your changes by clicking the ‘Save’ button on the top right corner. 

    Note: Now your product price has changed, but your Global pricing rules still apply to it and with a second update, it will be changed again

To prevent your product price from changing unexpectedly, go to Oberlo > My products and click the Action button next to the product.

From the drop-down menu, select Prevent product price from auto-updatingEnable it. 

Now your product price will stay fixed while other products will have their prices automatically adjusted according to the Global pricing rules.

Setting prices manually for all your products:

If you prefer to manage all your product prices manually, you need to disable the automatic price update feature in Oberlo > Settings > Shop Settings > Auto-updates tab.

From the Auto-updates tab, next to 'When the cost changes' select the 'Do Nothing' option. 

Now all product prices will no longer update automatically and you will be able to change them manually in Oberlo when importing products from AliExpress. 

Or you can change them directly in Shopify (follow previously described instructions in this article).

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